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Hi Folks

My name is Dana Sand, I'm a mom of 5, Microfarm owner, Anthropologist, and Full Spectrum Doula for the last 20 years. I live in the Beautiful Northwest Corner of Connecticut in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains- it's heaven on Earth. 

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My Story

My Journey as a Doula began in 2003, when a friend of mine from Veterinary Nursing school asked me if I would come to her birth with her- I said yes, and it started me down a path I never expected to be on. But I've learned that the unexpected journey is often the best, and changes you as a person the most. 

Now, in 2023, 20 years into this unexpected career, I find I am more grateful than I ever thought possible, to the hundreds of families who have trusted me with their care. Whether it was a much-desired pregnancy and birth, a fertility journey, an unexpected loss, an abortion, a VBAC, a scheduled cesarean birth, a dying loved one, a medicated birth, an unmedicated birth in the hospital, a home birth, a stillbirth... I am privileged to have been present for their birth, losses, hope, and hard choices. Birth and Death are a full circle to me, and nothing to be feared.

I have cared for over 1000 families in the childbearing year, or at death, or as a medical advocate... what a gift to have been chosen, and to have served to make these life transitions easier, with less fear and more joy.

My patients are my life's work. 

I have been supported in this challenging work by my husband, David, and our children- without their constant motivation, love, listening ears, and ability to step in and take over when I have to head out to support a family- I would not have been able to come this far. My family are everything.

Contact   8609214371

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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