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20 years of experience

1000 Families


I provide specialized, individual care to families in Connecticut, Western Mass, and Eastern New York State, and accept a limited caseload to give more time to each family

I also provide in home postpartum care in Connecticut and Western Mass,  because new families deserve support to rest, learn, enjoy their new babies and learn to trust their instincts- you know more than you think you do!

I approach birth with logic, data, and your desires in mind- it's your birth and my goal is for you to have the journey you desire, safely and with respect and dignity

I have cared for over 1000 families during the childbearing year, and attended births in the hospital, home and birth centers in three states.  I have great relationships with the hospitals I have worked in, and with many great proviers in our area. Clients I have worked with have achieved an overall cesarean rate of 3%, a VBAC rate of 90%, breastfeeding initiation of 100%

I have specialized interest and expereince with IVF families, Neurodivergent patients, Bipolar patients, high risk patients, High Achieving personalities (Type A folks), and LGBTQIA families




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