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Caring for families like yours since 2003!


How Can We Help?


No matter how your baby comes into the world, no matter your pregnancy or birth process, it truly is everyday magic.

We love our work and look forward to supporting you, through your magical journey. Your family becomes part of ours!

Why Choose Us?


We have everything you need right here, to have the Happiest BIRTHday possible, our combined 25 years of birth and postpartum doula experience, and hundreds of happy parents are your guarantee of the highest level of care. 

You can always choose the doula you wish to work with, as long as they are available, and you can interview one, or all of us!


Our education, training, fair rates, and guaranteed backup program are part of the way we practice, and

 you'll know that if your chosen Rushes Doula is sick, injured, or at another birth, another will care for you according to our high standards of care. You deserve exceptional service, care, and respect.

Doulas are Fully Insured and Certified. 


Call us! 860-921-4371


"I used Dana as a labor doula for my second child. After not having the birth I wanted for my first daughter I decided to use a doula for my second. We got along immediately when we had our official meeting. I told her i wanted a more supported labor and that is exactly what I got!!!! Both Dana and Sam were there for the birth. We honestly had such a great time. They both had such great energy to be in the room with me and my husband. Though labor was painful, Dana and Sam really helped me through the pain before the epidural and pushing once it came time. I seriously almost laughed the baby out! We had such an amazing birth experience I honestly would have paid double!!!" - Lisa P.



We Offer:

Birth Doula Care

Cesarean and Virtual Birth Doula Service

Postpartum Doula Service

Ayurvedic Postpartum And Prenatal Care

Basic Lactation Services

Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Parenting and Infant Massage Education

Placenta Encapsulation

Loss and Bereavement Services- including companion-based care appointments in your home.

Referral Service to find OB/GYNs, Midwives, Chiropractors, and IBCLC's

Call 860-921-4371 with questions or to book a consult

What our clients are saying:

-Dana created an amazing atmosphere for me. My birth was as close to how I envisioned it as it could have been and I owe a lot of that to Dana with her guiding me through it all and reminding me of what to do and different techniques, positions and coping methods to try out. Also her postpartum help is wonderful! She is very present and continues communication after the birth in order to help with any questions you may have. I'm so beyond happy I went with Dana for all of her extensive knowledge and great personality that is very easy to get along with! I would absolutely reccomend Dana to be your doula!

- Nicole F.

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