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About Rushes...
My name is Dana Oakes-Sand and helping families to achieve their best birth and parenting experience is my passion and joy! I have been a teacher for ten years and have been a certified childbirth educator for four- this is the job I always wanted to have!

My classes are a no-judgment zone- and I am NEVER trying to get you to have your baby one way or the other. I want you to be able to make your own best choice, by giving you the latest, up to date research based information and tried and true methods. I don't do complicated breathing techniques or hard to master older methods... What I do do, is show you how to work with your body in labor and during your pregnancy.

I provide one on one childbirth classes in your home, or small group classes as they form. All breastfeeding classes are one on one, as are the baby care/parenting classes. This allows me to tailor the class to your specific needs in the comfort of your home.

Call 860-379-2496 or 860-921-4371 to book your class!

What you will learn in your class series:

  • Trusting our bodies and the birth process
  • Exploring our own beliefs and attitudes about childbirth
  • Physical as well as emotional aspects of pregnancy, labor and birth
  • Nutrition, exercise, and preparation for becoming parents
  • Supporting your labor partner so s/he can better support you and the baby
  • Comfort options for pregnancy, labor and birth
  • Optimal fetal positioning and optimal pelvic positioning
  • Recognizing fears related to birth & mothering so you can progress in labor, uninhibited
  • Learning to recognize past emotional pain and work through it so it doesn't inhibit your labor process...
  • Understanding the risks, benefits, and alternatives to medical procedures and specifically epidurals.
  • Learn the real risks of VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and strategies to achieve a VBAC
  • What to expect during: postpartum, breastfeeding, and caring for a newborn.

Doula Service: $900.00- includes monthly prenatal visits, labor service and one or two postpartum visits
Postpartum Doula Service: $30- $45 per hour, with a four hour minimum.

Private Childbirth Education series: $250.00

Breastfeeding class: $50.00

Baby Care/Parenting Class: $75.00

Placenta Encapsulation: Includes Placenta capsules, Tincture, Placenta Print and Cord Keepsake. $250-$300 for non-clients (price dependent on distance) and $150 for clients of Rushes.

I also offer package deals if you would like to take more than one class! Call for details!

I accept Paypal, Check, Cash and Credit/Debit cards with Square. A non-refundable $50.00 deposit is due at the time of registration to hold your time.
Questions? Please call or send and e-mail and I will be happy to answer any questions you have, or give you specific details about classes etc- thank you!

Phone 860-379-2496 or 860-921-4371

Dana Oakes-Sand A.S, CBE, PLA(ID)
Jessica Brown AS, PLA(ID)

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