Rushes Childbirth Education and Doula Service - Learning to birth your baby, your way.....

My business partner Jessica and I are building a small group practice to meet the needs of birthing women in Northwest CT, Western Mass and the rest of Northern and Southwestern CT. Our goal is to help you to achieve your best birth without fear or worry...

This is the most amazing journey you will ever take, and we would be happy to be your guide.

I am an independent doula, trained through apprenticeship and experience, coupled with my extensive knowledge of childbirth and pregnancy gained through childbirth educator training, constant study and workshops.

I train my Doulas through an extensive apprenticeship and classes, readings and tests. It takes on average 1 1/2 to 2 years to complete my program, and students must attend at least six births with me, before they may attend a birth on their own- and demonstrate that they are competent in all areas of prenatal and birth support.

Client testimonials are available if you would like to speak with someone about their experience with me as their doula- simply send me a message and we'll get the process started...

I look forward to being with you, and your family during this amazing, beautiful time of change and wonder.

Call 860-379-2496 or 860-921-4371 to book a consult! or send us and e-mail at

What I do:

- Support you through your labor and delivery and immediate postpartum
- Support your partner (if present) so that they can focus on you and the baby
- Advocate for you and your wishes with doctors and nurses
- Provide education and support to help alleviate fears that may block the birth process
- provide comfort measures during labor

What I don't do:

- Evaluate your medical situation
- Talk to medical staff for you- I will help you go through the options so you can make the best choice for you.
- Take the place of the partner (if present)

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