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Diversity and Social Advocacy at Rushes

LGBT Equality and Issues

We at Rushes Follow the Guidelines of the GLMA or Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, for care of LGBTQ clients.

We believe that all parents have the right to quality care, loving support, and equal rights in Medical and Social settings.

We believe that human rights, love and compassion transcend all boundaries, and we will help to advocate for your rights at your birth, and during any and all of your care.

This is personal for us here, as we have many much loved LGBT families that we have served, and people in our own families who we love and support. You can be sure that you will receive the best care from us, and we look forward to serving you.

Religious Equality and Respectful Support

We at Rushes respect your religious needs, and will do everything in our power to assure that Medical staff do the same.
Whether that means ensuring quiet after the birth of a Muslim baby, or reminding a midwife that a Christian Science family wants no intervention at all, ensuring that Jehovah's Witness moms receive no blood products, reminding staff of the need for Kosher meals for observant Jews or valuing your need as a Christian for prayerful decision making, we will do our utmost for you. Your faith is important to us.

Racial and Ethnic Diversity

We do NOT discriminate in any way based on racial or ethnic background. We will also advocate for you and your family to help ensure that medical staff do not do so either. Your color, culture and background are sacred, and are not to be used against you in any way.
Even in this day and age, we do understand how challenging it can be for people of color to receive non-discriminatory care and we will support you in any way that we can so that you can receive fair, honest and empowering care.

Social Advocacy

We believe that all parents deserve to have the best care for themselves and their children. And as such we try to accommodate as many clients who have special income needs as we can.
In addition, we volunteer for Parents As Teachers in Torrington CT, and Dana is a Breastfeeding Troubleshooter for new mothers have issues who are enrolled in their program.
Rushes also currently sponsors a Women's Empowerment group in India through Heifer International. Through this group, women learn basic but life changing skills to better themselves and their communities. Things such as starting and running a small business, cleanliness, how to avoid domestic violence etc. 

We dedicate our social advocacy and religious/racial outreach to Dana's mother, Martha "Margie" Oakes. She taught us what we know, helped us understand deeply that race and religion and culture are important, wondrous and also surface to the person underneath. Her lifetime of advocacy for mothers and babies, and her work in the Deep South in Appalachia as a Nurse and Lay Midwife inspire us daily, and her memory is ever present. She was quietly proud of her Native American heritage, and as a woman of color, knew how important work towards equality was.

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