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The Doulas:
Dana Oakes-Sand AS, BS, CCE, CD, CPD(Newborn Mothers Collective), IPES

Jessica Brown AS, CD

Samantha Nebiolo, BA, MA- Apprentice in Postpartum Care

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From our clients:

-Dana created an amazing atmosphere for me. My birth was as close to how I envisioned it as it could have been and I owe a lot of that to Dana with her guiding me through it all and reminding me of what to do and different techniques, positions and coping methods to try out. Also her postpartum help is wonderful! She is very present and continues communication after the birth in order to help with any questions you may have. I'm so beyond happy I went with Dana for all of her extensive knowledge and great personality that is very easy to get along with! I would absolutely reccomend Dana to be your doula! 
                                           - Nicole F.

- Jessica was my doula during the pregnancy and birth of my first child who was born early January of this year (2016). She is a family friend who I have known for most of my life, but started seeing Jess as a doula sometime in my second trimester after much deliberation. Her experience, education, advice, and encouragement brought comfort, and stability through the entire process. She really made the experience of my daughter's birth unforgettable, beautiful, and amazing. I could not imagine experiencing any of it without her. She is so sweet, thoughtful, and present for whatever needs you may have or want. She was such an amazing support and friend during this life changing experience. She is a wonderful person with a beautiful heart. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone who is considering having a doula.
                                        - Sanna D.

- My fiance and I utilized Dana's services for a private prenatal birthing class. We had a specific set of concerns that Dana and I discussed prior to our class and again went over before starting to make sure we were all in the same page. Dana was very thorough and caring when delivering her wealth of knowledge. We both felt extremely confident that all of our questions and concerns were answered and we were going into our birthing experience armed with what we needed. Her realistic attitude really stuck with us and we used many of the technics she taught us to get through my contractions. She wasn't with us in the delivery room but we knew we had her support the whole time. Any question that popped into my head she was quick to answer and that made me feel super secure. And now postpartum Dana has checked in with us to make sure we're doing well and is available for nursing and baby care concerns. Thank you so much Dana for being so amazing. I truly believe you're a big part of why my delivery went so well! I would recommend Dana to anyone looking for doula services or a more personal approach to prenatal education. Thank you a million times over!

                                      - Jessie L.

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